Madame Scarlet

A ‘sadist’ of her kind is an artist in evil, which a wholly wicked person could not be.

-Marcel Proust

Pro Domme with flogger
BDSM Sex toys

About Me

A consultant and educator of  BDSM and kink play most, I have a long list of interests and joys. 

I love teaching people about protocols, D/s dynamics, predicaments, and more in a safe and judgement free environment where you can discover your curiosities. I am what I like to call a loving sadist and have an exceptionally creative and devious mind.

An avid writer and lover of all things erotica. You can read some of My writings here.

I invite you to explore my services below.


Foot Worship

From stinky foot sessions, to the intoxicating allure of beautifully manicured high-arched Barbie feet…


Custom erotica based on your personal desires…

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